The Legacy of Music

It is a game where you must climb a tower avoiding the lava to reach you, you can customize your character and play with friends. The objective of the game is to get all the songs lost during the time and reach the end of the tower.

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Action / Puzzle

Development history

We built The Legacy of Music as a tutorial for Unreal Engine 4, going deeper into level design, making multiplayer and making interfaces nicer, as well as getting feedback during games to give the player important insights into their progress. In this way we finished the development, after 7 months and the game was published on Steam and

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Photo of Anthony Ramos C.

Anthony Ramos C.
( Developer )

It is a real pleasure, I am a Systems Engineering student at the Universidad de la Amazonia, I like everything that has to do with the wide world of videogames and programming, mostly the backend, I also like the development of 3D models and animation, in order to be able to create stories of worlds where a great adventure is appreciated.

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Tomas Jimenez M.
( Developer )

I am a Colombian developer, student of Systems Engineering at the University of Amazonia, Superior Normalist, I like everything related to the world of videogames, of course programming and with it create my own stories and adventures. I want to win a GOTY one day.

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