Egos is an adventure, where you will have to save the kingdom of Talia while facing enemies and solving puzzles. The protagonist is a "Soul" in a fake "Egos" body, who must return to his original body and restore peace to the kingdom, otherwise the kingdom will be lost.

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Action / Adventure

Development history

At first, Conjuntalia was developed in Unity 3D, but after a deep analysis of both the story and the gameplay, it was decided to redo the game from scratch in Unreal Engine 5, since this graphic engine offers certain features that expand the main idea of the game. . In this way, the new name of the project is called EGOS.

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Tomas Jimenez M.
( Developer )

I am a Colombian developer, student of Systems Engineering at the University of Amazonia, Superior Normalist, I like everything related to the world of videogames, of course programming and with it create my own stories and adventures. I want to win a GOTY one day.

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