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Amulets and Keychains Pack

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Anthony Ramos C.
( Developer )

It is a real pleasure, I am a Systems Engineering student at the Universidad de la Amazonia, I like everything that has to do with the wide world of videogames and programming, mostly the backend, I also like the development of 3D models and animation, in order to be able to create stories of worlds where a great adventure is appreciated.

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Tomas Jimenez M.
( Developer )

I am a Colombian developer, student of Systems Engineering at the University of Amazonia, Superior Normalist, I like everything related to the world of videogames, of course programming and with it create my own stories and adventures. I want to win a GOTY one day.

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Barrio Ángel Ricardo Acosta Cl 2 Sur, Morelia Caquetá, Colombia

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(+57) 3223261778